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New training for ASI practitioners:

Attachment Style Interview Supplement - Advanced training for Child Care practitioners

Aims and objectives of the Advanced ASI training

The one day Advanced ASI workshop a supplement to the Attachment Style Interview is currently available to those who have trained on and use the ASI in practice. The focus of the workshop is on complex cases (for example those disorganised or with difficult reporting styles) in order to share experience of interviewing, rating and report writing. Case study material will be used to highlight such cases and work through practice implications.

The one- day training will involve use of case examples for rating, as well as group discussions to draw on practice experience, consistent with the ASI training. Two trainers will be present for a maximum group of 16 trainees.

Who is the training suitable for?
The training will be suitable for the same practitioners (social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists) who already use the ASI in children's services. It is only available to those fully trained in the ASI and who hold an attendance certificate for the ASI training.

For further information email lifespantraining at mdx.ac.uk.

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