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Attachment Style Interview for children's services:

Generic-open courses for independent/individual practitioners as well as team and agencies working in Adoption and Fostering and Child Care are run by our licenced partners Child and Family Training. Contact ASI@childandfamilytraining.org.uk, or Anne Guerri, tel. 01904 624775 for more information. .


NEW: Attachment Style Interview for Children

We are pleased to announce news on our development of a new standardised asssesment tool to measure attachment in primary school aged children (age 7-12). This new Child Attachment Style measure is now in the phase of final analysis and draft publication.

Our standardised research tool Attachment Style Interview (ASI) for adults, followed by the Adolescent version (ASI-AD), have long been used in adoption, fostering and child protection services to determine whether there is insecurity in the attachment style of parents, carers and prospective parents. This has proved a very effective assessment of both risk and resilience in individuals and couples. However, there is also a need for child measures of attachment style. This is useful for matching child to parent in adoption settings; to establish the impacts of poor parenting on children, and to examine in relation to intervention and therapeutic change.

Please let us know if you are interested in any aspects of this new approach lifespantraining at mdx.ac.uk. For more information download the Child ASI flyer.


ASI-RCP training in London by Centre for Abuse and Trauma Studies
(Attachment Style Interview training courses for psychologists and psychiatrists working in research and clinical practice)


ASI-RCP training schedule:

Course title

Attachment Style Interview for Research and Clinical Practice (ASI-RCP)


13-15 September (days 1-3) and 25 October (day 4)




Dr Andrea Oskis

Level Advanced
CPD points

Attendance certificate and 20 hours CPD


Hendon, North London

Course fee

£600 per person


Click here to download ASI-AF INTERVIEW PACK ORDER FORM  ASI-RCP training flyer (pdf.)


Adolescent ASI training

The one day Adolescent ASI workshop is a supplement to the Attachment Style Interview and is currently available to those who have trained on the ASI. This will introduce the same measure but adapted for young people aged 14 or more. The ASI-AD assesses the young person's support seeking behaviour and attitudes to relationships such as mistrust and fear of rejection to deduce the same overall styles as for adults. The support section covers parents and peers as well as other adults. The ASI-AD is currently being used to assess young people in residential care, and can be used as part of an evidence-based assessment to inform care and planning for young people in need and those Looked After. The workshop will include adolescent case studies, review research on adolescent attachment and discussion of its use in practice.

Next training date for Adolescent ASI interview: tbc (contact us)
The training will be taking place at our Hendon campus venue, North London. The fee is £250 per person. Please note that this training is only available to those who have attended full 4 day adult ASI training and hold a certificate of training.
Please email us if you require further details or to be placed on the mailing list for future training dates.


Advanced ASI training for Child Care practitioners

asi advancedThe one day Advanced ASI workshop a supplement to the Attachment Style Interview is currently available to those who have trained on and use the ASI in children's services (social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists). The focus of the workshop is on complex cases (for example those disorganised or with difficult reporting styles) in order to share experience of interviewing, rating and report writing. Case study material will be used to highlight such cases and work through practice implications. The training will involve use of case examples for rating, as well as group discussions to draw on practice experience, consistent with the ASI training. Please contact us for the next available course dates.


Parenting Role Interview Training (PRI)

A new two-day training is now being provided by Centre for Abuse and Trauma Studies at Middlesex University London. The aim of the Parenting Role Interview (PRI) is to gather information on the parent or carer’s views of their parenting role. It can act as a standalone assessment measure of parenting, or as a supplement to the Attachment style Interview (ASI) to help understand further the potential implications of their partner relationship and attachment style for the nature of the parenting they may provide for their children.

PRI training course Cost £400 for 2 days.
2017 training dates: Thursday 4 May (day 1) and 15 June (day 2) 2017.

For further information and more training dates visit www.parentingroleinterview.org.uk.


ASI for Children's Services - team training by Child and Family Training

Please approach Child and Family Training for information on team training

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Understanding Adult Attachment in Family Relationships: Research, Assessment and Intervention
Book by Antonia Bifulco and Geraldine Thomas

BOOK coverAttachment theory has become a key focus of both research and practice in understanding and treating psychological and social risk for marital and relationship problems, parenting and clinical disorders. In particular, adult attachment style is a key explanatory factor for understanding problems in human relationships. This practical book introduces and explains an easily accessible assessment tool for adult attachment style, the Attachment Style Interview (ASI). Based on extensive research study, it then discusses appropriate interventions and case assessments that can be made to help families in need. Simpler than the Adult Attachment Interview, which requires expert administration, the ASI is an invaluable and evidence-based resource and is particularly useful for multiagency practitioners working with children and families, including those in adoption and fostering, child Safeguarding, ‘Looked After’ and therapeutic services. Presenting clear and concise descriptions of the measure and summaries of the attachment models developed, it provides discussions of its relevance for different practice contexts. This text uses a range of worked case studies to illustrate its principles and applications. It details attachment issues in different relationship domains to cover areas of risk and resilience relevant for practice such as: Adult depression and anxiety and stress models, Partner difficulties including domestic violence, Childhood neglect and abuse as a source of attachment problems, Parenting and intergenerational transmission of risk Resilience factors Interventions, service application and use in family therapy.
Order the book from Amazon. Order from Routledge



Adoption Today magazine: an article describing the use of ASI as a pre-adoption assessment tool.



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Electronic Attachment Style Interview Pack




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