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New training:

Parenting Role Interview (PRI) Training


A new two-day training is now being provided by Child and Family Training and the Centre for Abuse and Trauma Studies at Middlesex University London. The aim of the Parenting Role Interview (PRI) is to gather information on the parent or carerís views of their parenting role. It can act as a standalone assessment measure of parenting, or as a supplement to the Attachment style Interview (ASI) to help understand further the potential implications of their partner relationship and attachment style for the nature of the parenting they may provide for their children. For those trained on the Attachment Style Interview it provides a crucial additional section to harmonise with attachment ratings.

PRI training is suitable for social workers and psychologists involved in child safeguarding services. Whilst this is not a forensic investigative assessment of child maltreatment, it gives a highly informative assessment of the parent's or carer's self-perception of their parenting role and provides a summary of felt and estimated competence and incompetence in parenting role. It also includes a summary of difficulties with children and positive and negative interaction.

The information sheet describes the Parenting Role Interview (PRI) assessment measure and the associated training.

PRI training course

Cost £400 for 2 days.

2017 training dates: Thursday 4 May (day 1) and 15 June (day 2) 2017.

For further information and more training dates visit www.parentingroleinterview.org.uk.


Ordering PRI Packs
Printed or Electronic copies of the PRI Interview Pack are available to those who have completed the two day training and can be ordered from Lifespan Research Group. Please contact us for more details and to order packs.

For those fully trained in the PRI and holding an attendance certificate we offer a low cost reliability service. Ratings and evidence are carefully checked and summary points provided to aid with reports prior to court.

For further information or to order interview packs or reliability check service please email: lifespantraining at mdx.ac.uk.





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